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Centre for Civil Society

Centre for Civil Society is a non-profit think tank based in New Delhi. The Centre was founded in 1997 by Dr Parth Shah, former Professor of Economics at the University of Michigan. It operates as an independent research and educational organisation.


Indian Liberal Group

The Indian Liberal Group (ILG) is an organisation founded on 10th December 1965 by the late Minoo Masani, author and parliamentarian to promote the Liberal point of view on issues of the day and to educate the public on the concept of Liberalism.

The ILG seeks to emphasise the fact that a market economy by itself does not ensure an open society; that a free economy and a free society are two sides of the same coin; and that a free and democratic society alone will ensure a satisfying standard of life for the people.

The Indian liberal space with its long history, old defenders and emerging advocates is as diverse and wide ranging as the liberal political spectrum. “Indian Liberals” is a digital library of a broad spectrum of Indian liberal works, and is an initiative of the Centre for Civil Society.


School Choice

A movement to create a system of education where all children get access to quality education of their choice.



First Hindi site on liberal economics


Forum of Free Enterprise

The Forum of Free Enterprise is a non-political and non-partisan organization, established in 1956, to educate public opinion in India on free enterprise and its close relationship with the democratic way of life.  The Forum seeks to stimulate public thinking on vital economic problems of the day through booklets and leaflets, meetings, essay competitions and other means as befit a democratic society.


Samriddhi Foundation


Library of Economics and Liberty


Reserve Bank of India