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Prof B R Shenoy Memorial Lecture 2023

– Dr Surjit S Bhalla

In this Lecture, Centre for Civil Society and Economics Research Centre host Dr Surjit Bhalla, Economist and former Executive Director, IMF, to discuss “The Challenges to being a Liberal today”. This lecture is a part of the annual BR Shenoy Memorial Lecture Series, which aims to memorialize Prof Shenoy’s ideas and policies through talks by speakers from India and abroad, including leading academics, policy experts, and public officials.

Dr Surjit Bhalla is a former part-time member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Economic Advisory Council. In addition, he serves as Chairperson for the Ministry of Commerce High Level Advisory Group on Trade; Economic Adviser to the Fifteenth Finance Commission, Government of India. He is a regular Invitee to the Aspen Institute Program on World Economy, USA, 2002-present. He was a Contributing Editor for Indian Express. He was also the Founder-Chairman of Oxus Research & Investments 1997-2017.

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Here is where you can access Dr. Surjit Bhalla’s lecture in PDF format.