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A Lecture in Memory of Shri Nani Palkhivala by Late Shri Sunil S. Bhandare

The ERC, in association with the Nani Palkhivala Memorial Trust, Mumbai and the Forum of Free Enterprise, organized on 20 January 2014 in Mangalore, a lecture in memory of Nani Palkhivala, given by the distinguished corporate economic analyst Mr Sunil S Bhandare, former Economic Advisor  to  Tata Services Ltd. The talk was on Public Sector Wastage: Issues and Challenges; showed systematically that, although the present-day wastage scales are hugely different from those analyzed in the early writings of Prof B R Shenoy, the sources of wastage are quite similar. Mr Bhandare succinctly summarized the issues and challenges, and their policy implications.

Presentation made by Shri Bhandare can be accessed here